Hi folks! where is the best place for your Mom? That’s right, kitchen. I also believe many peoples spent much time at there. Today we will talks more about transforming our kitchen to the better part in our house.

Kitchen can be the heart of a house, as well as the center of the whole house. However, did you know that the kitchen can contribute to indoor air pollution’s due to food and smoke generated from the floors, paints and counter tops. The good news is that, now, environmentally friendly products for the kitchen are available in a variety of style and cost that is not too expensive. A dream house should be have a great kitchen for sure.

eco-friendly kitchen

Follow these tips to change your kitchen to be more ‘green’.

1. Electronic appliances

Buy kitchenware that has been proven as environmentally friendly. Usually, recent kitchen brand companies have included whether their products are eco-friendly or not. A product that is recommended to be environmentally friendly is a refrigerator, because this electronic equipment is always consuming a lot of power. Have an extra fund? Replace your regular stove with an induction cooktop.

Induction cooktop is an electric stove that doesn’t need fire and surely energy efficient. Induction Cooker is a stove that utilizes electric or magnetic induction. The heat is generated not from a fire or spark, but from the friction of the magnetic field with the metal pan or cooker placed on it. In addition to environmentally friendly, this electronic kitchen equipment is also very safe from fire, because the heat will only be centered around the cooker.

2. Kitchen Cabinets

The wood in most kitchen cabinets is coated by formaldehyde, which is certainly harmful to your health. Find cabinets that are made of solid wood or alternative materials such as wheatboard, bamboo and Eucalyptus which are coated with eco-friendly coating products.

If you intend to renovate your kitchen, you can save much money by updating just the front of the closet. Save money while getting a new look! You can also use recycled products for kitchen storage cabinets.

3. Air circulation

Since we are spending most of our time at home, ensuring a clean air must be our top priority. One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the indoor air, especially in the kitchen.

A simple way to improve the air quality is to install a kitchen fume hood or a kitchen smoke vacuum. A good air circulation supported by a door or window to bring the smoke out plus the fume hood will make the air in your kitchen becomes extra clean.

That’s it, with only 3 tips you can change your kitchen to the better condition. Have you tried one of this tips? share your comment!