This is one of my favorite topic, yes it’s all about a dream house and how to decor it with an affordable budget. Everybody are dreaming about it, so I am. Today, we are going to learn how to pimp our house. Lets go it.
cheap home decor
The decoration of a dream house is not only comfortable and clean. Dream house is a house that is decorated in accordance with the wishes of the owner. Surely from all the dreamy decorations you want, you want the house to look elegant and classy. To get a house like this you do not always have to spend tons of budgets and a long process, you know. Do not believe it? You can try it by doing some steps below.

1. Apply your favorite colors: The main part of the dream house of course begins with applying the favourite colour on the interior of the house. If you like some colours, you can play colours by combining neutral colours and light colours. That way, the colour can make the room brighter and looks more spacious.

2. Make a pattern wallpaper from giftwraps: Wallpapers will provide additional values for the home. They can make your house looks elegant and luxurious. However, for those of you who do not want to spend an inexpensive budget; you can use wrapping paper, color paper, duct tape or other materials by making a pattern like a real wallpaper. Currently, you can see a collection of videos or articles about DIY wallpaper on the internet.

3. Re-cycle your unused items: Creative ideas can be applied to any material. For example, used goods that are no longer used at home. There are some creative ideas that you can apply, such as a car tire transformed into a seat, or place to put a picture frame and other items in the corner of your room.

4. Add a canvas photo for wall accessories: To decorate your walls, you can put a canvas photos to make your walls look interesting and artsy. In addition, canvas photos can also be applied by hanging them on the wall or placed on a hanging rack. You can try to print photos of dear ones or photos when you are traveling to Indonesia or abroad. In order for you to print many photos, you can choose the size of 15 x 15 cm.

Come on, wait no more and decorate your home at an affordable budget!