Hello, my name is Dona and I am a 23-year-old designer dreaming of making the world a better place to live. Cacet Australia is my blog, I would like to share my journey here, I will also post every important info at here.Dona I illustrate and design web and print for both major and small company looking for fresh and creative artworks (I’m extremely passionate about design!). I have worked for many digital agencies on a range of different projects all around my country.

Also, I am passionate about wellness and I believe that exercise can make you energize. Here, you will find me sharing stories, based on my personal experience, on ‘how to get in shape’. I will frequently write about techniques, ideas, and tips about healthy diet, nutrition, and exercise to all of you.

Aside from design and wellness, I am a workaholic who is also a movie, games and coffee addict. I love music and I am always looking for a new challenge. PS. Do you have one for me?

Fun fact about me: if you’re looking for me, you’ll probablly find me at the sauna, trying to “cool down” my thoughts and ideas.